Saturday, July 8, 2017

1 Second a Day

Throughout my internship with the United Nations (UN), I have been given the privilege to learn about administrative mannerisms, arms trafficking, forensic ballistics, Resolution 1540, the missing links within the private security sector, and the life cycle of its projects, how the UN executes grant writing and much more. I have been able to integrate into an 8-5 job (most often longer hours than this). I am now a disarmament ambassador, continue to be an advocate for peace,  and have become quite creative with the color blue. It has been an enriching experience, and extremely conducive towards seamlessly introducing me to the paying-professional world after I honorably receive my Master’s degree from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. 
I was asked to keep my blog discrete, which motivated me to be more involved and creative within my time in Lima, hence the title of this blog. From the congested city, endless honking, foul smells, to the loving people, kind souls, and delectable food, all whilst enduring stomach infections throughout; this opportunity has tested my resilience and has shown me that I am much more capable, patient, and optimistic than I previously thought. 
To my colleagues at UNLIREC, my roommates and friends in Lima, my friends and family in Pedregal, MIIS, and my loved ones back home, I cannot thank you enough for contributing immensely towards this unforgettable chapter of my life. It flew by! and the video below (3:41 seconds) illustrates the speed, story, and feelings of the last six months of my life. 

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